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Young minds are teachable

Agnes Tintswalo Mongwe
Young minds are teachable

It is with great pleasure to teach pre-scholars because a fresh mind grasp quickly.

I have a child who is so slow in learning but with the posters I believe she will improve her learning.

Thank you so much to teachers mag posters that will make an impact on my daughters life.

Young minds are teachable

She was born with three holes in her heart but when time goes on they were closed. She is two years and a couple of months old now, still struggling to walk but getting there and talkative.

I love the fact that she loves learning. When I present a colorful post she smiles and grabs it and looks at it and look at me to say something about it.

Thank you so much for making a difference in my daughters life and hope more children will follow in her foot steps and improve their learning.

In many instances it becomes difficult for children with learning disabilities to learn and be educated but with teachers mag products our children will be elevated to the top.

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Young minds are teachable
October 20, 2022
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