"Heroes Wear Masks," Drawing Activity

"Heroes Wear Masks," Drawing Activity

"Heroes Wear Masks," Drawing Activity

At Learning Years Day School - Hawthorn Farm, the kids learned about how with COVID-19 being an ongoing concern it is important to wear a facemask. It was discussed how another group of people who wear masks are superheroes--meaning when we wear a facemask we are just like a superhero ourselves! With this in mind, the children did a fun drawing activity where they imagined themselves as superheroes wearing facemasks.

Heroic Masks

The kids took a paper plate and coloring pencils. They then drew themselves as heroes, using the ridges of the paper plates to give the part of their drawing with their hair a little bit of extra texture. Doing this activity helped make wearing a mask seem less scary and more like a, "Heroic," thing to do! The children felt like they were superheroes who helped protect other people with their mask-wearing and enjoyed coming-up with a heroic persona as well. After making the craft the kids went outside and pretended to be heroes--it was great fun!

Source for photos: Learning Yeras Day School - Hawthorn Farm and photos from here too.

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"Heroes Wear Masks," Drawing Activity
October 27, 2020
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