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5 sense experiment

Angela c Hospedales
5 sense experiment

5 sense experiment

Our five senses theme is done in October. During this time we celebrate Halloween and have pumpkins in our classroom. One of them we use to make a jack-o’-lantern and the other in our lesson.

Student explore the inside of a pumpkin, using the five sense. At the end of our five senses lesson student will explore the inside of a pumpkin using their five senses. After exploring, the pumpkin student will be given paper to draw what they observed.We will use orange yarn to represent the inside of the pumpkin, and will dry some pumpkin seed so they could glue onto the paper.

This can also be used as a math lesson where they will count the amount of pumpkin seeds inside their pumpkin, and use the dried pumpkin seed to represent the number of seeds.

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5 sense experiment
September 26, 2023
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