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A government preschool teacher in Asia

Noorlaili Azreen
A government preschool teacher in Asia

As a preschool teacher in a government preschool, it is mar responsibility to ensure my children will get as much knowledge as they can.

I love to see and gather new information, resources and material from other preschool teacher all around the world. This will enhance my skills, knowledge and ability as a preschool teacher.

Nowadays, there are a lot of challenging a preschool teacher need to face. New pupils are more attached to gadget like a smartphone. A few of them have a eye and hand coordination and communication skills as well. They tend to have one way communication rather than a two way.

Therefor, it is my responsibility to ensure my children care excel the preschool education with a fun learning materials.

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A government preschool teacher in Asia
March 24, 2024
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