Art with nature

Teacher Annie
Art with nature

Art with nature


1. Socio-emotional: Appreciation of natural resources.

2. Science: knowledge of the natural environment that surrounds us.

3. Creative: Use natural resources and parts of our body to create artistic works.

To carry out this activity you will need:

1. Book: Nature is an artist by Jennifer Lavalle/Natalia Colombo

2. Paint

3. One or several potatoes

4. Different natural objects like flowers, leaves, snails or whatever you have available.

5. Tissue paper, a transparent plastic container, a battery candle and a piece of rope.

6. Paper. In this case I use worksheets from the page: but they can be blank sheets or from the resource you have available.

To begin the activity we read the book Nature is an artist in which he talks about natural resources and gives us ideas for activities to do with the children. In this case we decided to work 3 activities that are the following;

1. Using a potato, I carved a bee and a butterfly out of it to create a stamp. Then the girls painted them and worked on the paper. In the same way we use leaves and flowers to stamp on the paper.

Safety note: The adult must carve the potato to avoid accidents. Do not use real candles, only batteries.

Finger Painting

2. The second activity was finger painting to create flower petals.

Plastic Cup Lanterns

3. The third activity was to create a lantern using the plastic container, tissue paper, the piece of rope and the battery candle.

Related Worksheet

Let your children explore their artistic side by drawing flowers using their fingerprints. We provide a worksheet with painted flower stems.

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Art with nature
May 9, 2023
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