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Bible ABCS in english and russian

Elvina N Dron
Bible ABCS in english and russian


Bible ABCS in english and russian

teach bible and russian. a fun activity I like to do is find bible words for the letter in Russian. We start off with simple just learn the letter and its sound. we then move up to words. and then we start using the letter in other word, its a fun activity. Most of my kids are more fluent in English than russian. so we like to switch things around and sometimes we simple teach the letter in English. we'll spent an entire class only speaking in russian and there are days we speak both. parts of my lesson plan are blank only because sometimes we are tired and we simply

just do a simple bible story and see how it relates to our lives. for example the story of joseph in the old testament. he was betrayed by all but ended up doing greatness and saving others during the famine in egypt. what if that was us would be able to do the same or would we be prideful and greedy. its very interesting to hear the kiddos anwsers.

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Bible ABCS in english and russian
November 7, 2022
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