"Box City," Cardboard Box Activity

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"Box City," Cardboard Box Activity

"Box City," Cardboard Box Activity

This activity encourages by creative art skills and creative play!

It was thought-up by Kids Collaborate in Winchester, California where they noticed how old food and shipping boxes (like the kind you get from big retailers) could look just like buildings if you position them a certain way and decorate them. Then by using masking-tape to create roads and giving the children toy cars to, "Drive," around that resulted in the creation of, "Box City!"

Kids Collaborate

Winchester, California


How, "Box City," Was Made

First old food and shipping boxes were gathered. They were stood-up and had colorful tape and post-it notes put on them so that they looked like buildings with little windows.

How, "Box City," Was Made

Next, masking tape was put around the buildings in long lines with little short piece in the middle of two parallel lines so that it looked like a road. A number of roads were designed to intersect around and by the buildings, and, "Box City," had been formed! For an extra fun touch Kids Collaborate also had some artificial turf that was put in the city to look like a park and a toy parking garage was built-around as well so students had a place to, "Park," their cars when they weren't, "Driving," them around the city.

This activity encourages by creative art skills and creative play!

This activity had students exercise their creativity by helping decorate the box-buildings and with putting masking tape down on the ground. Then, they engaged in creative-play with their toy cards they, "Drove," around the, "Box City." It was a really fun time!

"Box City," Cardboard Box Activity

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"Box City," Cardboard Box Activity
November 9, 2019
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