Butterfly themed snacks with Nutella

Butterfly themed snacks with Nutella

All kids love snacks! And our kids at preschool are no exception. So we took our plastic knives, aprons and plates and made these delicious and beautiful cookies.

Butterfly themed snacks with Nutella

But before the Nutella was everywhere I wanted to have small activity with symmetry:

In the morning while the kids were coming to school we created this huge butterfly on the ground. As they were coming everyone could grab any toy and put it in the butterfly on one side. Then we went to eat and when we got back, first activity was to made our butterfly symmetric - for them: what's on one side have to be on the other side too.

I commended them for great teamwork and then I told them that it deserved a reward - if they make it themselves

So we washed our hands with soap, took plastic knives, plates, mats and aprons. Kids took care of placing it all on the table - divided everything needed, meanwhile I with two other kids cleaned fruits I bought - apple, blueberries, apricot, banana and strawberries.

I divided Nutella and cookies into bowls on the tables. Then we started creating butterflies on our cookies. First thing was body of the butterfly - head and chest, then trying to make symmetric wings. I'm sorry that I don't have photos from the process but I had my hand full of Nutella :D.

I had a jam as a healthier variant so the kids can pick Nutella or jam. But then our fruit did not hold in place so I told them to not use jam at all. They tried sneakily lick it from knives so I had to be on watch with that.

They really were beautiful. Some were faster so the made sweet gift for their other teacher, for me and for director.

When they were made we have to clean almost whole room, then we took some photos and did not wait any longer and tasted them.



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Butterfly themed snacks with Nutella
May 23, 2022
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