Cardboard Nativity Puppet

Cardboard Nativity Puppet

Cardboard Nativity Puppet

Christmas is nearly come. So, i would like to share one of cool idea to make your christmas craft with your kids. You can do this as a team with your kids. You can do the sheepfold as big as you want. Make sure all your puppets could fit in the sheepfold. Your kids can coloring all the puppets (people & animal) and then roll and tape it so it could stand up in the sheepfold. Arrange and play with the puppets joyfully. You can use it to do a storytelling. My daughter so happy when we're together make this project. I use some cereal box to make all the puppets. I draw the cute faces and dress, draw its outline then cut it, so my daughter do the coloring happily. Honestly, it really takes time for build the sheepfold. Because i should measure and calculate my cardboard and make sure it perfectly build and stand upright and balance

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Cardboard Nativity Puppet
August 28, 2023
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