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Colored eggs activity

Harshada Sant
Colored eggs activity

We drew eggs with a top and bottom part on a white paper and cut them. Then we stuck it on a cardboard and cut the outlines. We did the Same thing on another cardboard but did not cut it. The uncut cardboard had all the eggs in one picture while the one where we cut the eggs was in parts. We colored them using close color combinations so as to stimulate his brain. For example red and purple was drawn cose to blue and pink.we stuck velcro to the individual eggs as well as the cardboard. He had to match the top and bottom colored egg correctly and stick it using the velcro. It was a bit confusing for him in the beginning but he got a hang of it soon after we did it for a few days.

This can be introduced after introducing basic colors. Once they start recognizing the colors, differentiating between close colors gets easier.

This activity can also be performed with graded shades of single color.

Stick velcro helps with fine motor skills as well.

Colored eggs activity
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Colored eggs activity
September 4, 2022
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