Hatching Dinosaur Eggs!

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs!

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs!

They learned about the letter D and hatched Dinosaur eggs via a fun activity at The Little Red Schoolhouse Preschool!

How the activity was prepared

The teachers took toy dinosaurs and put them in baking soda that they packed around the toy dinos into an egg shape. They added some colorful food dye onto the egg-shapes to make them look like real dinosaur eggs!

How the activity was done

The teachers presented the students with the dinosaur eggs and gave the kiddos little droppers they filled with vinegar. The kids put vinegar on the eggs so they dissolved and revealed the dinosaurs within! It was like the toy dinos were hatching! The students had so much fun revealing the dinos with this activity!

Source for photos: Little Red Schoolhouse Preschool

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Hatching Dinosaur Eggs!
January 22, 2022
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