Community Helper Printable Activity for Preschoolers About Police Officers

Community Helper Printable Activity for Preschoolers About Police Officers

Most children are probably familiar with police officers, but how much do they know about these important community helpers?

It is important that we make sure children understand these community helpers are very important because they are who we call or ask for in the event of an emergency. Children need to know how to communicate with the police and that trusting them is important in situations where it could save a life.

One great idea is to arrange for a police officer come to visit your preschool, childcare facility, or elementary school so that children can meet and listen to one. Most local police departments offer this community service and they come ready to discuss basic safety issues with young children. You might even be able to make arrangements to have a police dog visit--those are also great community helpers and kids love animals!

These printables are helpful for doing activities that help children learn about the role of police officers and how they help prevent crime

Printables: Police officer worksheet

This printable features a full-color version and a black-and-white version of this sheet so that kids can color them in if wanted. They need to find five differences between the pictures on the worksheet.

Community Helper Printable Activity for Preschoolers About Police Officers

Here are two important safety tips:

1. Learn and memorize your street address and telephone number.

2. Write down your emergency contact number and keep them next to your phone.

Police officer worksheets

These two worksheets are very fun. One has you cut-out and glue together a police car and the other one is a color-by-number worksheet.

It is important that children understand what the law is and why it is important to follow it. Address this using simple terms about how rules keep us safe, and by following laws that keeps our communities safe!

How to download worksheets for a lesson

You can download worksheets for free using our offer by clicking on the link How to download?

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Community Helper Printable Activity for Preschoolers About Police Officers
March 21, 2021
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