Community Helper Dress-Up Day!

Community Helper Dress-Up Day!

Community Helper Dress-Up Day!

At Stepping Stones Preschool and Child Care, they had a community helper dress-up day! They learned all about different community helpers and how they assist us in staying safe and healthy. Then, they dressed up as these heroes!

All about heroes!

People such as firefighters, policemen/women, nurses, doctors, construction workers, all help our community. They keep us protected from danger and/or keep us healthy, build things for us, and otherwise deserve recognition. The children were so excited to dress up as these people we look up to and engage in some dramatic play as if they were these community helpers themselves. It was a great day learning and pretending!

Source for photos: Stepping Stones Preschool and Child Care

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Community Helper Dress-Up Day!
September 29, 2021
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