Places in the Community

Places in the Community

Places in the Community

Learning about places in town is very important for kids as they grow up. First, they can learn about their house and build their own mind maps to navigate through it. Then, as they become older and start to be more independent, it’s really useful for their development to get to know the city they live in. Getting to know their city and how it’s structured creates a sense of belonging and helps them tune their place awareness which in turn makes them grow more confident and cautious.By showing them a model of places in the community.It was an easy for them to locate the place being asked by the teacher.

By learning about places in town from an early age, kids start to develop their language skills because doing simple routines such as going to the supermarket or attending school becomes a practical way to go over the vocabulary related to buildings and their uses, all of this as they learn the importance these places have to the community

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Places in the Community
October 17, 2020
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