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Community Helpers Worksheets: Police Officer

Community Helpers Worksheets: Police Officer

Community Helpers: Police Officer Worksheets

These worksheets tell students all about community helpers. These focus on the police officer and all he or she does for us via free printable worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students.

Right Things Worksheet

Have students circle the right things that go with a police officer and put a big, "X," over the things that do not. When they are done they can color everything in too if they would like!

Police Worksheet

Police Color By Number Worksheet

For this worksheet students match the correct color to the number for the policeman and his dog. Then, they can trace the word, "Policeman," at the bottom too!

Police Color By Number

Tracing Words Worksheet

To do this activity students trace the words for each thing associate with the job of being a police officer. After doing that they can color everything if they want too for extra-fun!

Tracing Words Worksheet

Police Number Match Worksheet

Students will cut-out the items at the bottom of the worksheet and then match the correct amount to the number they go with below the above police officers.

Police Number Match Worksheet

Police Tracing Worksheet

Have students trace the lines for each police officer to help them get to the item/place they need to do their job!

Tracing Worksheet

Police Car Craft

This police car paper craft involves cutting-out all of the pieces and then gluing or taping them together to make an assembled police car. It encourages both spatial thinking and fine motor skills.

Police Car Craft
Police Car Craft

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Community Helpers Worksheets: Police Officer
September 16, 2019
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