Community helper theme- Farmers Market

Ashleigh Gosnell
Community helper theme- Farmers Market

Community Helper Unit- Farming/Chef theme

I created a fun farmers market for our older toddlers.

I “planted” fake plastic foods in the sandbox for them to dig up, then they wash/clean them off in soapy water (sensory bin, and then place them in the basket they belong to. I also created a shopping list they can use for buying said food items, and then they can go pretend cook in our outside mud kitchen.

For another activity, I printed and laminated a “Build your own fruit salad”.

Our play dough station consists of shape cutters, a cow, a carrot, and gingerbread man cutters, so the kids can make their own pretend cookies if they would like.

We also have several books for learning about farming/farmers, the machines used, and the different animals on a farm.

Community helper theme- Farmers Market
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Community helper theme- Farmers Market
May 18, 2022
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