Construction Paper Christmas Trees

Construction Paper Christmas Trees

Construction Paper Christmas Trees

At Palm Coast Community School, they made construction paper Christmas trees! The children had fun decorating the paper and then folding it and adding a little paper star to the top as well.

Making beautiful Christmas trees

The children were very creative in the design process of their construction paper Christmas trees. They first took pieces of green construction paper and drew little lines with black pens that represented the wires for Christmas lights. Then they used their markers to create circular little lights that looked so beautiful upon their trees. Next, the paper was folded to make a triangular three-dimensional appearance just like a tree. Lastly, the kids cut out some other paper they put in star shape colored yellow with their markers to serve as their tree-topper! It was a fun craft!

Source for photos: Palm Cost Community School

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Construction Paper Christmas Trees
December 21, 2020
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