Creating Lego Pirate Ships

Creating Lego Pirate Ships

Creating Lego Pirate Ships

At Kiddie Kampus of Wilson, they learned all about pirates and then did an activity that helped them develop their engineering skills--everyone created Lego pirate ships!

Developing Hand-Eye Skills

Everyone was excited to talk about pirates and how centuries ago they sailed the oceans. It was discussed how pirates were very scary and anyone who sailed a ship was concerned about encountering them. The students had great fun then talking about how ships were designed to float and worked to create their own pirate ships out of Legos. The kids knew that these ships would not actually go in the water or need to sail, but it was great fun pretending they had a pirate ship! It was a lovely activity to both learn about pirates and build up engineering skills.

Source for photos: Kiddie Kampus of Wilson

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Creating Lego Pirate Ships
August 6, 2021
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