Pirate-Themed Fun in the Classroom

Pirate-Themed Fun in the Classroom

Pirate-Themed Fun in the Classroom

At Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery Ltd, they did a pirate theme and the kids loved it! Many fun activities were done.

All about Pirates

The kids made pirates!

Pirate ships were crafted as well.

Beautiful parrots were made.

Pirate masks were worn as the kids said, "Arrrr!"

Everyone played with pirate toys as well, using their imaginations to make fun scenarios.

The kids kicked-back and did some pirate-themed puzzles to relax.

The week was closed-out by playing some interactive pirate video-games. It was a stellar week!

Source for photos: Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery Ltd

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Pirate-Themed Fun in the Classroom
October 27, 2020
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