Dirt Pit and Mud Kitchen Fun

Dirt Pit and Mud Kitchen Fun

Dirt Pit and Mud Kitchen Fun

At Little Penguins Family Day Care they created a dirt pit and mud kitchen. The children had a fantastic time playing in it!

Being creative in the grime

The children were very creative in the dirt pit and mud kitchen. They got the dirt wet and made mud pies among other faux-food items.

Getting messy

The children were pleased they got to get all messy. Sometimes letting children do something they normally aren't supposed to do (get their clothes dirty) makes for a great time! The little ones were very creative as they engaged in some dramatic play with their dirt pit and mud kitchen--it was messy and imaginative fun! Everyone said they were eager to play outside in the dirt pit and mud kitchen again in the near future!

Source for photos: Little Penguins Family Day Care

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Dirt Pit and Mud Kitchen Fun
September 19, 2021
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