Disney Day at School

Disney Day at School

Disney Day at School

Young children often love Disney movies! There are so many classic films from Disney that kiddos can dress up as and at Immanuel Baptist Day School, they had a Disney Day. The children wore outfits to school which were themed for their favorite Disney properties and then the school watched Disney movies at various points during the day for fun.

Disney for the day!

There were kids dressed as Woody from, "Toy Story," and Elsa from, "Frozen." Some were other princesses and some dressed like Captain America or with Mickey Mouse-related items as can be seen here:

The children discussed how Disney movies contain important life lessons. They discuss how we need to work hard, believe in ourselves, and how having friends and family to help us can make even an impossible-seeming challenge one we can achieve. Disney day was so fun!

Source for photos: Immanuel Baptist Day School

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Disney Day at School
November 22, 2021
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