Elf on the Shelf Posing Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Posing Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Posing Ideas

At Montessori Children's Academy of Downey, California, they did the popular Christmas activity of posing Elf (or Elves) on the Shelf! The Elf on the Shelf became popular in 2005 and involves a toy elf that watches children to be sure they behave. Over the years, it has become popular to pose these elves in various humorous ways that kiddos can enjoy seeing every day. Many schools now have their own Elf (or Elves) on the Shelf that they'll pose.

Elf on the Shelf posing ideas

Here are some great suggestions for clever ways to pose your Elf or multiple Elves:

*Have your Elf be in a, "Ball pit," of red and green M&M candies!

*Put your Elf on a music player so they look like a little MC.

*Hide your Elf in the fridge at your school like its after a snack.

*Take an empty box of donuts and make it look like the Elf broke into it!

*Have the Elf look like it got stuck in some blinds and is all tangled up.

*Put the Elf by a heater (not too close) so it looks like it wanted to warm up.

*Cut some construction paper so it looks like snowflakes and put the Elf nearby holding scissors so it looks like the Elf did it!

*Put your Elf in a bowl of small marshmallows as if he wanted a sticky and sweet bath!

*Sit your Elf on a piano so it looks like he wanted to play a song!

*Do anything else clever you can think up!

Source for photos: Monesttori Children's Academy of Downey, California

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Elf on the Shelf Posing Ideas
December 11, 2021
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