Fun Ideas for Tuff Trays

Fun Ideas for Tuff Trays

Fun Ideas for Tuff Trays

At Tiny Hoppers Head Office, they thought of a bunch of fun uses for their tuff trays! I was so neat to see what the teachers and students came up with!

What is a Tuff Tray?

This website has a handy guide to what a Tuff Tray is for parents. Essentially, "It is a large heavy-duty plastic tray. The tray itself is octagonal shaped with raised sides that are perfect for containing different materials for all kinds of messy play. It is approximately 1 meter in diameter. They can usually be found outside but are also fantastic for in-home use." Thanks to their shape and raised sides Tuff Trays hold materials in fantastically and serve as a stellar foundation for creative ideas.

Tuff Tray creations

Here are some more amazing creations made with Tuff Trays:

The ideas and ingenuity are so neat!

Source for photos: Tiny Hoppers Head Office

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Fun Ideas for Tuff Trays
September 28, 2021
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