Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets

Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets

Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets

These worksheets are great to use during the Fall season. They deal with many aspects of the Autumn months and are fun and educational!

Raindrop counting worksheet

Color in as many drops as there are letters in the word on the cloud

This worksheet features rainclouds with a downpour coming out of them! Children need to count how many letters are in each word of the cloud and color-in a matching number of raindrops.

Scarecrow and Crows worksheet

Count how many crows are sitting on the right, left and in the middle of the scarecrow and write the answer in circles

This worksheet had children needing to count how many crows are upon each scarecrow in different spots and write the total number in each circle.

Sunflower pattern worksheet

Cut and paste the shapes at the bottom of the worksheet to finish each pattern within the sunflower.

This worksheet features different shapes at the bottom in various colors which children can cut out and then paste in the appropriate spot on the sunflower to complete the patterns correctly.

Autumn counting worksheet

Count the apples, zucchini, carrots, and pumpkins, write the total below

On this worksheet, various veggies and fruits are pictured. Students need to count how many in total are in the picture and write the number of each at the bottom of the worksheet.

Candy corn worksheet

Fill in the missing letters to make words, "Candy corn."

Students need to study this worksheet and write the correct letters in the blank spaces to make the words, "Candy corn," that repeat.

One Doesn't Belong

Cross out the item that doesn't match with the others

This worksheet has a group of objects/plants/etc. that all go together, but one doesn't belong. Students need to mark-out the incorrect thing.

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Fall/Autumn Season Worksheets
October 29, 2020
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