Feelings and Emotions

Renee O Brien-Peet
Feelings and Emotions

In my 3-yearn old Pre-K classroom, we are working on recognizing our emotions. We have role played situations where one person took a toy from another. This was done at circle time for about ten minutes. We were able to ask the child who got the toy taken away from them how that made them feel. We then asked what the child who took the toy away what they felt and what they could do instead of taking the toy. We discussed options and when they both felt happy we encouraged them to try these methods during day to day play time. This is something that does not happen over night. With practice we are hoping that helping the children come up with multiple different ways to solve solutions they will soon become independent in problem solving. It is important that when doing this, we use visuals and role play. This will help the children remember because they will see it all day long and they will gain muscle memory.

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Feelings and Emotions
October 18, 2021
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