Fruit Loops Stringing On Straw

Fruit Loops Stringing On Straw

Fruit loop stringing is a great game for training toddlers' fine motor skills, color recognition, patterning, and counting all at once. It is a game I learned from my son's occupational therapist. My son enjoys playing the game (and also the eating part lol) so much that we do it quite often.

Fruit Loops Stringing On Straw

It is a game that can easily be done at home as the materials you will need is fairly simple: fruit loops and a straw (you could also use pipe cleaners, uncooked spaghetti, or a piece of string).

So, the game itself is pretty self-explanatory: The child holds the straw and puts fruit loops on them. By doing so, you are training the kiddo's fine motor skills of pinching and stringing. You could keep it simple and focus on fine motor, but it need not stop there.

You could also train your child's color recognition ability by asking them to pick out a specific color of fruit loop to put on. On top of that, you could also ask your child to make a pattern out of the fruit loops. And after all that is done, I would also ask my child to count how many fruit loops he had put on. Another way to do counting is to tell the child to put a certain number of fruit loops on the straw up front.

Anyway, this is a simple game that can be done in a lot of ways. And perhaps the best part for the kiddos is that once the game finishes, they are rewarded with a yummy snack. Delicious!

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Fruit Loops Stringing On Straw
February 18, 2021
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