Halloween Bat Craft

Milena Bandeira
Halloween Bat Craft

Halloween Bat Craft

Hello, everyone! I'm an English teacher in Brazil, and today I would like to share a craft I did with my 8-year-old students on Halloween.

Well, Halloween is not actually a part of our culture, but since they learn English as a second language at a binational center, it is part of our schedule to include this kind of activity.

My students had been learning vocabulary about animals as well as action verbs (how animals move, the use of "can" for ability.

I then decided to produce a bat with them.

The materials we used were:

- toilet paper roll

- paint

- paintbrushes

- googly eyes

- pipe cleaners

- straw

First, they painted the paper roll black. Then, they drew the bat's teeth with white paint.

Next, we glued the googly eyes. Finally, for those students who wanted to do so, I made a small hole in the roll, passed the pipe cleaners through it and rolled it around the stroll.

In the end of the class we reviewed some of the sentences they learned, like "Bats can fly", "Snakes can slither" and etc.

Ohh, and as you noticed, they all came to class in costumessmileDefinitely a memorable class.

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Halloween Bat Craft
January 16, 2022
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