Hide and Peek With Animals Activity

Hide and Peek With Animals Activity

Hide and Peek With Animals Activity

At Primrose School of Carol Stream, they did a fun activity the children adored! The teachers set up a hide-and-peek activity that allowed the children to learn all about different animals. The teachers put images of animals on the wall and then placed construction paper leaves over them. The children could lift these leaves and see the animals inside and learn about them!

Hiding and peeking

There were all sorts of fun animals hidden away, such as an owl that the kids could reveal, learn facts about, and make sounds like! The teachers helped the very young children lift-up the leaves and talked with them about the various animals. This was a fun activity and if you make the leaves Fall colors it works great for the Fall--or you can make them green when it is Springtime--it works any time of year!

Source for photos: Primrose School of Carol Stream

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Hide and Peek With Animals Activity
November 8, 2020
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