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Homeschool is not easy!

Michaela Browning
Homeschool is not easy!

A lot of people and teachers think or believe homeschool is easy, well i'm here to say thats so far from the truth! But thankfully there is free things such as this and TPT and many other websites out there to help teachers of all sorts and all over the world teach children and teens what they need to know thats all just one click away from leaning! Here's the thing, i'm 29 years old and a mommy of 3 boys and man oh man let me tell you, I NEVER HAVE STOPPED LEARNING! I've learned more as an adult than as a child who doesn't remember the point of algebra and a lot of useless knowledge (not all obviously) in school, but man did I struggle when I had to go out into the world and school definitely did not teach us what we really needed to know in the upper grades for sure! Coming from a poverty background school is a hard reality and world when you don't find your tribe and bullied, especially when teachers allow the behavior and you have zero support at home. Needless to say life and school was very hard growing up. As a mother now and having my own loves at home I noticed similar patterns at my sons school and that was only one sign I saw out of many that it was time to look into school options at home. Welp here we are and it's honestly a hard one to make but here we are and now i'm checking the days off and going day by day just praying my sons have everything they need to succeed. I mean i'm 29 and don't know how to do a lot of things or remember and I went to "public school" so yes I believe if i'm lacking as an adult and many, many adults do then something is lacking in our schools right? Any who, thats just from my own experience and observations so others are different i'm sure but here's where we are and i'm proud to have the means to be who I am and continue to learn and grow with my babies and teach them beyond the "curriculum" whenever life gives us the abilities! Thank you to the hard working teachers out here that work hard to teach our next generation! Im praying for you I know in 2023 it's a weird world to be apart of but we have to put our trust in God and realize your say and voice matters! With love Michaela!

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Homeschool is not easy!
November 22, 2023
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