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I like to play ___ with ____

Laura Wirth
I like to play ___ with ____

I like to play ___ with ____

I like to play ___ with ___ is a good activity for young children to do to encourage new friendships and to help them become aware of what is happening in their school environment. Students who are verbal and students who are nonverbal will all be able to do this activity if the teacher provides pictures of classmates and school activities to choose from. Students can draw their answer or cut and paste from pictures provided by the teacher. This can also be made into a classroom book by laminating the finished products and punching holes for a binder ring. Is good to use during a theme on Friends or Friendship, and can be used with books on the same topic. This is also a good community building activity. Teacher can do one as an example for students to know what is expected of them for the activity. I hope you enjoy this activity as much as our students have.

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I like to play ___ with ____
November 1, 2022
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