Jingle Bell Painting

Jingle Bell Painting

For the month of December, one of our art projects involved a lot of movement. Borrowing from a previous project using a marble, we replaced it with bells to make it more seasonal. Our toddlers painted using round jingle bells and some round ornaments with red and green paint. We listened to "Jingle Bells" while doing this group art project.

Supplies for this project: large box lid, tape, paper, jingle bells in various sizes, ornaments, red and green paint, CD player playing "jingle bells"

After we were done painting with bells, we used the dried art work as picture frames.

This was a cooperative art project with children taking turns holding the box lid.

The project was a huge hit. It was messier than I expected. Also, it's important to use card stock paper.

On Spring, eggs can be used instead of a marble, on December, one can use jingle bells or dreidels.

Jingle Bell Painting
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Jingle Bell Painting
January 11, 2021
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