Learning About Community Service and Spreading Mulch

Learning About Community Service and Spreading Mulch

Learning About Community Service and Spreading Mulch

At Blacksburg United Methodist Preschool, the children learned about what community service is and why helping our community is a wonderful thing to do. The kiddos discussed how when we volunteer our time to assist others it shows we care about our community and making it as best as it can be. After discussing community service, the students were able to engage in some!

Helping with mulch

A local playground needed help spreading mulch and the schoolkids were ready to offer a hand. A big truck dumped all the mulch and then the little ones used their shovels to scoop it up and dump it all around the playground evenly so that a fresh layer of mulch was everywhere. It was sweaty and tiring work, but the children were so happy to have helped their community with this service!

Blacksburg United Methodist Preschool

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Learning About Community Service and Spreading Mulch
September 1, 2021
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