Learning to Wrap Presents

Learning to Wrap Presents

Learning to Wrap Presents

At Daniel Island Academy, they wanted to teach the students a helpful life skill in the form of wrapping gifts! Whether it is for a birthday or the current holiday season, people like to prepare presents for one another, and putting them in wrapping paper is a wonderful final touch with a gift.

Practicing wrapping

The kids at the school practiced wrapping presents by taking empty boxes or assorted toys they like and then working to get them wrapped up. Each child was given a small roll of wrapping paper and instructed on wrapping their practice-gifts.

Important steps for wrapping

The children were told to follow these key steps to wrap presents:

1. Cut the wrapping paper so it isn't too long.

2.Fold over edges tautly (tightly).

3.Always join the ends and close open ends.

4. Fold down your flaps.

5. Cut off the excess paper when done.

6. You've wrapped a gift!

Source for photos: Daniel Island Academy

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Learning to Wrap Presents
December 22, 2020
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