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Letter A for Alligator Craft

Savannah Boshoff
Letter A for Alligator Craft

Letter A for Alligator Craft

Create an Alligator out of the letter A.

Here is an easy craft to do to create an Alligator out of the uppercase letter A. This teaches them the uppercase letter A while remembering an animal that begins with the letter A (alligator in this case).

Have your class do this themselves or do it yourself with their "help". You can end up creating the whole alphabet of uppercase and lowercase letters as crafts and sticking them on your classroom walls to visually learn alphabet letters, uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as creating lovely crafts to remember these letters.

All this craft will require from you is paper, or preferably cardboard, a color printer, scissors and glue as well as paper or cardboard for the backing for the letter craft. Print the image, cut the letter and components out, stick them together to create the Alligator letter and paste this onto a colored cardboard/paper backing.

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Letter A for Alligator Craft
January 31, 2023
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