Letter J week for PreK/K

Letter J week for PreK/K

Here is an example of what we are doing with letter J this week for a local homeschool co-op for preK/K

There is a letter person that goes along. This Mrs Jelly bean. We will be sharing jelly beans of course with the students of course. Along with Introducing Mrs J we will be looking at pictures that start with J.

We will be sending home a coloring sheet as well of Mrs J. We will also be working on various worksheets for the letter J.

Along with the letter J our science will be forest animals. I will read Stranger in the woods and show them various magazine clippings of Forest animals. We will play a game to guess where each forest animal lives. Example who lives in a best? Who lives in a burrow? To go along with this we will do a coloring sheet and send home a book where the students will find the homes for various animals.

For our social studies we will be working on fire safety. We will read two books on fire safety, practice Stop Drop and Roll and make a foam firefighter hat.

Letter J week for PreK/K
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Letter J week for PreK/K
April 30, 2021
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