Making a Paper-Based Kindness Quilt

Making a Paper-Based Kindness Quilt

Making a Paper-Based Kindness Quilt

At St. Mark School, Stratford, the kids from PreK all the way to 8th grade did a great craft activity focused on kindness. Every student had a paper, "Patch," they drew on and decorated with the message imparted by the quilt piece being the importance of kindness. Then, teachers linked all these patches with tape to create a massive paper-based quilt!

Always treat others with respect

Kindness is an extremely important thing to learn about. That is why St. Mark School, Stratford, had this be a lesson and activity that so many grade levels did. Whether you are in kindergarten or Junior High School, treating others the way they want to be treated is a key element to be a good person in the World. By having each student make their own individual patch and then combining them into a quilt the result was a beautiful expression of unity as well as individuality!

Source for photos:St. Mark School, Stratford

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Making a Paper-Based Kindness Quilt
September 29, 2020
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