Making Some Christmas Crafts

Making Some Christmas Crafts

Making Some Christmas Crafts

At West Marietta Cooperative Preschool, they spent the morning having some fun crafting with their parents who had stopped by! A variety of fun crafts were made by the kiddos and their parents.

Gem Christmas tree

One fun craft involved the kiddos making a Christmas tree by gluing a bunch of green gems (like the kind used to decorate a fish tank) into the shape of a Christmas tree along with a little star. It was a gorgeous little craft!

Christmas tree painting

The students were given molds of Christmas trees and then used paint to make them all kinds of festive Christmas designs.

Cone Christmas tree

This craft was actually edible! Students used food dye mixed with isomalt sugar to paint their ice cream cones and then stuck marshmallows upon their tree as if they were little Christmas tree ornaments. It was such a fun day!

Source for photos: West Marietta Cooperative Preschool

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Making Some Christmas Crafts
December 12, 2021
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