Monster Blower with our group of Kindergartners

Renee Hendrickson
Monster Blower with our group of Kindergartners

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Monster Blower with our group of Kindergartners

Wow! We did a monster blower activity in our school in the Caribbean with our group of kindergartners and it was so much fun! We used kite paper, toilet paper rolls, glue, pom poms, googly eyes, construction/decorative paper, and lots of fun stickers! They really enjoyed it.

It's really simple, all you do is put glue on your toilet paper roll, cut construction/decorative paper to the length of the paper roll. Line up the ends of the paper with the ends of the paper roll, then wrap the paper around the roll so it's completely covered.

Then attach your googly eyes to the middle of some large pom poms. Strip kite paper and attach it to the end of the toilet paper roll. Decorate with stickers and then BLOW!

We also taught the students about recycling as they had to save their empty toilet paper rolls!

Such fun! You should try it with your kindergartners as well.

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Monster Blower with our group of Kindergartners
October 1, 2021
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