Prepositions of Place for Kindergarten

Alex Carrera
Prepositions of Place for Kindergarten


- Introduce the concept of prepositions of place and provide visual examples of common prepositions using pictures of different foods and places.

- Show pictures of different foods and places and ask students to describe where the food is located. For example, "Where is the apple?" "It's in the tree." Encourage them to use the prepositions of place they learned to describe the location of each food.

- Play a game of "I Spy" using the prepositions of place and giving clues such as "I spy a banana next to the refrigerator."

Have the students play a game of creating sentences using prepositions of place to describe different foods and where they are located. Encourage them to be creative and playful in using these prepositions.

At the end of the lesson, have the students share what they have learned about prepositions of place and how they can use them to describe where foods are located. Encourage them to continue practicing using prepositions of place in their daily lives.

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Prepositions of Place for Kindergarten
May 29, 2023
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