My city and prepositions of place, video and worksheet (online)

Andrea Prieto
My city and prepositions of place, video and worksheet (online)

Good afternoon Everyone ☺

I'm Andrea Prieto, I'm from Colombia, I'm teaching English as a foreign language to preschool children average of 3 and 7 years.

I always face a problem, all or the majority of the English activities, worksheets, resources or games have text or writing and my children can do it, they do not write even in Spanish, therefore, it is impossible for me to use that resources. So I need to design and create my own material to improve and practice their listening and speaking throw songs, games, tales without writing.

Here you have a liveworksheet where your students can practice the names of some places of the city and some prepositions of place such as Between, In front of, and next to. Then they will have the opportunity to practice through a matching activity, and listening activity.

I also let you a short video with all the vocabulary and the explanation of those prepositions of place

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My city and prepositions of place, video and worksheet (online)
September 8, 2021
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