My Toddlers Online Class

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My Toddlers Online Class

My Toddlers Online Class

I am Ani, and I am a teacher of toddlers class. Since the pandemic, I've teaching my toddlers on line class. yes off course it is not that easy teaching small creatures through online. but I keep on encouraging my children, parents and even my self to have a positive energy so I can (we all can) deliver the same energy to the children and make them understand of the lessons given in a fun ways. so, this is one of many ways that I can do for my class.

in my class we mostly do the preparation for the children to be ready to write, read and do counting. for that we are doing fine motor skills and other skills as well to make them ready without them notice that what we did so far is a learning session. I have to make a condition where they are having fun and feel that they are playing all the time. for all the toddlers teachers out there, though it is still pandemic and you have to do an on line class, do not loose hope on giving your best :)

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My Toddlers Online Class
July 29, 2021
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