new year- A new experience

new year- A new experience

Hello there, I´m Miss Mariana. I´m from Mendoza, Argentina.

I am a 31 year- old kindergarten teacher at Saint George´s school. I work together with other 2 teachers as a team.

We are about to begin the new school year (wohooo) and we have so many activities we want to do that I think we won´t have enough time to do them all! hahaha so we will have to choose among the best ones. Yours are in this very best team!

what about you? How do you come up with such great ideas to work with?

ps: I love the senses acitvities! we really need them! One of the projects we are doing this year is about the five senses and we (me and the other teachers) think it´s going to be fantastic to have them to introduce the topic! it´s érfect!

We will be taking pictures (if parent allow us, of course) and we can load them up on this site for you to see how the kids are doing with these worksheets! What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

Miss Mariana

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new year- A new experience
February 17, 2022
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