End of the Year Superhero-Themed Party

End of the Year Superhero-Themed Party

End of the Year Superhero-Themed Party

The school year is ending for many students and schools like to do something special to mark the conclusion of another successful year of school. At Bethesda Child Development Center they did a, "Superhero send-off," wherein they had a superhero-themed party for all the kids! It was a stellar idea and tons of fun!

Creating outfits

The children had a ball creating capes, masks, and cuffs.

Entering the lair

To enter their superhero lair AKA the classroom, children scanned their hands for entry. It was a fun decoration that made the kids feel special!

Superpower show

The teachers put on a show for the kids where they showed off various, "Superpowers," the kids could do at home in the form of fun science experiments with neat results that seem like a superpower! Having a last day themed for superheroes was so much fun!

Source for photos: Bethesda Child Development Center

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End of the Year Superhero-Themed Party
June 8, 2021
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