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Our funny Leaf Man

Teacher Annie
Our funny Leaf Man


1. Vocabulary acquisition

2. classify leaves by characteristics (color, shape and size)

3. Artistic: Development of creativity.

To carry out this activity you will need:

1. Book: Leaf Man

2. Different types of leaves.

3. To make Leaf Man use the printable sheets that you can find on this TeachersMag page which are excellent .


To start the activity, the first thing we did was read the book Leaf Man. Then we went for a walk in the park to collect leaves and classify them by size, color and shape. Before leaving we took some time to play with them and create different things like insects and others. At the end of our visit abroad we went to create our own Leaf Man. The children had the opportunity to use their creativity by choosing the different pieces and mixing them to create a fun and original Leaf Man.

Our funny Leaf Man
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Our funny Leaf Man
March 2, 2023
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