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Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey

I want to share how I did "Our Learning Journey" last school year. The theme and display that I made was a railroad track to relate with the writing journey of my students and to prove that "We are WRITE on track." Most of my colleagues used a road map for the theme and display. I remember one made her bulletin board look like a huge computer desktop all because she was teaching the class online. I was not able to take photos of their boards.

Obviously, this was all about the writing progress and mark-making of my KG1 students. There are standards to follow as can be seen on the image. I picked three students of different levels for each standards to show differentiation. I include photos of them as they do their writing activities and mark-making.

Just seeing their work and how they progress gives me happiness as their teacher. I want to end this post with a quote "You may not know where the track ends but preserve and you shall see."

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Our Learning Journey
August 24, 2022
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