Our New Center, "Guided Learning" and our 1st quarter themes!

Misty D Gasper
Our New Center, "Guided Learning" and our 1st quarter themes!

Hey Everyone! I just opened a center and am trying my best to create a full curriculum for the year! This site looks like there are a lot of amazing and fun ideas for Preschoolers! As soon as I create some of my own projects, I would love to share them! I currently base my curriculum off of a few different preschool books, but honestly I think that building my own will better suit my center. I saw some amazing ideas in this group and wanted to check out what everyone else has found to be most productive in their preschool adventures with their little ones! Preschool is definitely my favorite age range! I will make sure to share an example of our Quarter Themes just to show what our center is working on! I am so excited to see what everyone else shares and creates! I am a Montessori styled program so a lot of my "worksheets" and "activities" are a more independent structured learning style. Each week we use our theme to create a "guided" learning experience. Guided learning is a form of preschool education that allows children to learn independently and on their own. It creates genuine interest in a child's thought process. We have vague themes each week, but still tailor each child's learning process!

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Our New Center, "Guided Learning" and our 1st quarter themes!
April 18, 2022
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