Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft

At Immanuel Preschool and Kindergarten they made a fun craft that looked just like ice cream! While it looked super real it of course was not safe to eat--but quite fun to create and look at!

Materials needed to make puffy paint ice cream

To do this craft you will need the following:

*1-2 cups of shaving cream


*Food coloring to give you ice cream whatever color you want

*White piece of paper

*Brown construction paper (to make the cones)


*A bowl or paper plate

*Mixing spoon

How to make puffy paint ice cream

Follow these steps to create the puffy paint ice cream:

1. Use your scissors to cut triangles out of your brown construction paper (these are the cones).

2. Glue your cones to the white paper.

3. Put your shaving cream and a big squeeze of glue on your bow/paper plate, add some drops of food coloring.

4. Use your mixing spoon to mix the glue and shaving cream together along with the food coloring.

5. Spread your, "Ice cream," mixture on the white paper right above the cones so it looks like the ice cream was scooped into the cone!

6. Wait for the puffy paint ice cream to dry and show everyone your creation! At the school, they used a hole punch to create paper pieces that represented sprinkles too, so you can add any creative touches you like!

Source for photos: Immanuel Preschool and Kindergarten

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Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft
November 20, 2020
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