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Scissor Practice

Kate Mixon
Scissor Practice

I teach a 3 year olds class at a small preschool in the suburbs of Dallas Texas. My class is very unique in that we have seven kids and they are all boys! This means that I tend to plan a lot of movement and hands on activities like sensory play, dancing games and manipulatives etc. My kiddos love using the sensory bin the most, we do something different with it each week. Messy play is always a hit but we can't handle that everyday, but as teachers know coming up with sensory activities that are clean can be a challe

Scissor Practice

nge. One that is sure to keep their attention is "Scissor Practice". I put scrap paper in the sensory bin and the kids have a blast cutting it. Pictured here is when I put wrapping paper in the bin for a Christmas themed activity.

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Scissor Practice
January 29, 2024
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