Kindergarten Shapes Practice

Eloisa Mae Victorio
Kindergarten Shapes Practice

Attending kindergarten means having more structure in a child’s young life, and they are ready for it after going to preschool. They have learned to socialize, follow simple rules, and stay on a task longer and longer. They are now ready for more intense learning; this is an opportune time for a teacher to harness the mind and still keep the fun and adventure of a kindergartener’s mind going.

Young children learn best with hand on discovery and investigation. They love to experience the world physically. Their curiosity leads them to ask many questions that connect ideas in their minds. Kindergartners have a natural curiosity and want to learn about how the world works. An early education teacher will build on the enthusiasm of their young students encouraging them to probe deeper into the area that interests them.

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Kindergarten Shapes Practice
July 17, 2023
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