Fall Fun Dramatic Play and Skills Practice - Kindergarten

Suanne Schlotman
Fall Fun Dramatic Play and Skills Practice - Kindergarten

Fall Fun Dramatic Play and Skills Practice - Kindergarten

My kindergarten scholars LOVE to play in our classroom Dramatic Play center during choice time! Usually it is themed to fit the holiday season that is currently "in progress", or it may be themed to fit our Essential Question for one of our curricular areas; math, science, social studies, or language arts. Because our language arts curriculum is very much science and social studies themed, we are able to do cross-curricular learning more efficiently.

This center was one of our first this year and really brought the "fall feeling" into our classroom.

I incorporated simple learning cards with art created by my daughter and I to help scholars practice simple kindergarten skills of letter, number and sight word recognition and writing. Counting skills were practiced with building bricks, felt cookies and donuts shaped like apples, pom-poms, and even squishy pretend apples. Old coffee creamer containers with bits of construction paper scraps were "cider" for sensory play. Clear plastic jars became "applesauce" with colored rice bits and sequins for additional sensory play. Sight words were written on transparent leaves to use on our light table. Children "sold" apples, pie, and fall beverages with felt money.

Of course, just-plain-fun of preparing pretend pies, apple juice, etc., was also a highlight of the play time! I decorated an apron and fabric shopping bag for use with our own logo for "Grandma's Apple Diner". Each scholar knew it was their turn to play in the popular center when they received a sticker (I print and cut on my die cut machine) that proudly displayed the Grandma's Apple Diner logo.

Before each Dramatic Play Center theme debuts, we create a chart of rules together so that it is clear what is expected for appropriate and safe play. This works great! There is true buy-in to our class rules for play.

Read and write the room was also incorporated, although that was truly around the whole room. The learning cards were used as display throughout and students used a clipboard to record the letters, numbers, and sight words they read.

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Fall Fun Dramatic Play and Skills Practice - Kindergarten
March 5, 2022
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